In search of viability and level of sufficiency to support on-going community-based services


This is why we must, with urgency, continue and increase community services in Camden New Jersey.


need for Camden Dream center to scale Community Services...

The CDC's primary objective is to provide community-based services that empowers inner-city families to move up the economy ladder. Our focus in education, professional development, and eradication of hunger in Camden has allowed us to service over 3,000 clients annually. Our current business model of reliance on donations, special events, and funding does not assure an un-interruptions community services. In addition, the ability to plan and operationalize scaling of community services is very fluid due to total dependency on donations and limited grants. Thus the need for an immediate shift in business model that can sustain the community services and their scaling.


Community Services + Revenue Center = Sustainability

The Camden Dream Center has concluded that a sustainable business model for our non-profit is one that includes a revenue center within a non-profit organization, such that its viability and ability to not only continue to provide services, but be able to scale the services to response to the increased in service request. The identified revenue center enabler will focus on providing IoT Solution readiness assessment, and testing (IVV&T).

Opportunity to partner and/or collaborate

To operationalize the sustainability model, CDC seeks partnership and collaborative relationships with organizations that develop IoT Solutions that requires an independent third party assessment of their IoT Solutions' readiness for prime time (a.k.a. market place), and solution testing resources.

The benefits to partners and/or collaborative relationships include, low cost structure for services rendered by a non-profit organization (a.k.a. social entrepreneur), partners addressing their corporate social responsibility endeavors via a business model, and increased probability for a success IoT Solutions at launch.