STEM for All

Boost interest in STEM fields.


"Students learn key aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT), learn and experience how machines and software interact through coding as they discover and develop skills that align with current and future workforce needs in 21st century occupations."

~ Pastor Keith Davis



The Camden Dream Center advocates for a unique approach to broadening STEM learning within the inner-city socioeconomically diverse, high-poverty, and underrepresented communities.

The approach is a "STEM in the Neighborhood" initiative that promotes a pervasive immersion of STEM learning that incorporates cultural experiences into the program, link science programming to everyday topics that are culturally relevant, and use of a variety of processing modes and linguistic cues to increase the likelihood of personal connections.



Of the 6 million plus New Jersey high school students, only 1.6 million are interested in pursuing a STEM career (U.S. Innovation and Change Equation). And in 2016, there were 2.4 million unfilled STEM jobs in the US (Smithsonian Science Education Center, 2015).

The CDC joined the SJSIP ecosystem leadership team to improve STEM education and career pathways across southern New Jersey, to ensure an inclusive STEM culture with access to innovation, opportunity, equity, and lifelong learning. In short, making South Jersey the “go-to” place for STEM Talent.

Some of the SJSIP activities include professional development, 21st. Century digital workforce preparedness, and IoT Hackathon events.  

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