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Revenue Enablers in the IoT Solution Space

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IoT Solution Readiness Assessment

Question: is your IoT Solution ready for "prime time" at launch?

We focus on IoT Solution readiness assessment from three horizontal viewpoints, i.e., functionalities, competitiveness, and quality combined with a drill-down test-driven assurance view. Specifically, in addition to the functional capabilities of an IoT Solution is it stable, reliable, available, and secure; and can it scale and provide best practice enhanced user experience.

During an engagement, we collect data on a given IoT Solution, assess and analyze the data points, create a readiness assessment map, and provide recommendations based our findings.


IoT Solution Independent Verification, Validation, and Testing (IVV&T)

We create a testbed and best practice (a.k.a. Center of Excellence) for IoT Solutions IVV&T where functional capabilities, competitiveness, and non-functional attributes can be independently quality-checked before launch..

We are a reliable resource that helps determine the confidence of an IoT Solution conformity to established requirements and industry best practices. We hope we are your trusted advisor that will conduct the IVV&T for your IoT Solutions.